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Great Combination

of incredible invention and the grow series (you know its true).

I was gonna right a whole rant...

but then I realized it wouldn't change anyone's opinion.

How about next time you make a cartoon, you actually write something original rather than picking on a religion or anyone's religion for that matter. Its not freedom of speech, its respect for your fellow man.

Slackman responds:

I'd call it freedom of speech and encouraging free thought, but that's just me.

Invader Zim Much


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So Boring

Stop doing covers. Now.

Majorgeneral responds:

I'll remix what I want to remix...all you have been complaining about is covers their is no CD cover on my music next time you review my work have something intresting to talk about instead of quote on quote "covers" it's not my music that's boring it's your review...have a nice day


If you could send me your midi file or something I could do some badass shit with this.Or did you actually play this?

Lpauley responds:

i actually played this

but i have midis if you want them


I think you need to work hard on making the rythm guitars more distinct from the fucking rest though. Usually rhythm is more chugga chugga you know . I dont know, maybe they are over lapping to much, or something. BTW, what vsti are you using for guitar (intro as well) and drums?

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There is nothing special about this picture. If the woman is beautiful, SHOW IT! Your not showing beauty by drawing her in fucking manga! A true artist captures every detail and doesn't try to hide it under a mask of cartoonish styles, or make up for their lack of skill by making old boring backgrounds. Do something different! A great artist is made, not by copying other styles, but by creating new ones! Realist, cubism, etc, those only became famous because people chose to try something new! So take my advice and try something new, and start becoming a leader.

0 out of a fucking 10


They are very boring, there is nothing going on their. I mean, apart from using an anime style, you are also showing a lack of skill by not making them do anything. Coloring was horrible, the whole picture is full of cliches, the big guy who is all serious, two small people who look crazy and "ready to hurt someone like goku". End score: 3
Not the worst I have ever seen but definitely not the best. PM me if you ever do any real artwork (you know what I mean).

krazykartoons responds:

I agree ! I need to stop make those "Coloring was horrible" thinggy as you said.
and start draw real stuff such as STICK FIGURES !!! :)

Thanks for telling me this LOL^_^


I think the major points you should work on is making your lines blend in a little bit more, you know what I mean? Give it a little more negative space and contrast to make those features such as the mouth stand out, otherwise good work. Oh, and coloring it always helps to.

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