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See ya.

2009-10-27 19:17:51 by MetaLyric

Need a fresh start. If you have found this account and know me personally, you will know what my new one is. I am taking down all my music and reposting it on my new account when I get a chance. I probably won't ever check this account again so goodbye.

ps- sorry if your review count goes down, but I am not leaving any music up. see you on the other side.

I had a bacon sheeseburger today, but it sucked. I don't know why. it just wasn't appealing. wellanyway, I guess I should be doing something productive right now, but I don't know what.It seems so stupid for me to just be sitting here, doing nothing. I have to collabs I am fucking working on, but I don't want to do them. It's like why? I have worked somewhat hard just to get a song good enough to be decent. You can check it out above, drop me a review if you have the time. It's not completely finished but close enough. well, enough blathering, I guess I will go do something now. Thanks for reading my random mumblings.

You have reached my account...

2009-10-02 21:08:58 by MetaLyric

Please leave a message after the beep:


Review My Songs.

2009-07-22 19:01:12 by MetaLyric

Now Damnit!

I can see it now.

2009-06-19 21:06:28 by MetaLyric

The art portal is going to be overrun with "wapanese" people drawing fucking anime all the time. We might as well be deviant art. seriously.


2009-06-15 14:28:52 by MetaLyric

I am level 8. I am so excited. yay.

You know what is funny?

2009-06-12 15:06:59 by MetaLyric

When you piss people off on the internet and they take it so to heart that the only way to make themselves feel better is by insulting the one who made fun of them first. Why must we take all this shit serious? I mean, most of us are computer geeks who do nothing but blog all day. Do we get some kind of satisfaction from this? Because, honestly, it really doesn't matter. I mean, there just words. It's not like I said I was going to kill your whole family or something. Next time some one insults you don't try to be the asshole who tries to have the bigger dick. Just be the bigger person. Unless you like to cause fights like I do. Then go ahead and be an asshole. But never take what anyone says on the internet seriously. Ever. (Unless of course it is proven fact).

Random Short 1#

2009-06-11 23:33:34 by MetaLyric

Do us a favor and turn off your caps lock.

Random Short 1#

I fucking hate zero voters.

2009-06-07 20:28:43 by MetaLyric

They make me so angry...

Screw Politics

2009-06-04 21:54:04 by MetaLyric

That is all.